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blood brothers by akanekari
blood brothers
bday gift to inumuta! :heart: another, uh...bloodier version can be found on tumblr at:…

I HAVE BEEN MIA BECAUSE OF THIS GAME omg tox2 kills the man. for real

Tales of Xillia 2, Ludger Kresnik + Julius Kresnik © Namco
Illust © Me
zzzz by akanekari


8/10 times you see him, Seifer is..................probably asleep! Or falling asleep!!! SMH this loser is sleeping away most of the train ride in his cabin... he has met some lovely people on open deck though!! (btw it's an open lit rp if anyone wants to join lemme know!! I'll link you to the google doc!!!!)

Otherwise, feel free to hit him up!! and I mean that literally LOL like seriously hit him. until he wakes up

Earnings: CG | Headshot (250G) + simple BG (50G)+ event bonus (100G) = 400G (holy shit I hope I did that right)
Seifer © Me

EE: Seifer by akanekari
EE: Seifer


Name: Seifer Xlvysarell
Alias: Seifer
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Species: Human
Height/Weight: 6'0" | 147 lbs (He's...pretty thin LOL)
Job: Inn Worker
Birthday: Summer 04
Orientation: No preference

Loved Gifts: Pumpkin pudding, herbal teas
Liked Gifts: Pumpkin dishes, mushrooms, flowers, alcohol
Disliked Gifts: Tomato dishes, weeds, fish
Hated Gifts: Insects/insect related things, failed dishes, tomato juice

Personality: (edited from PoP LOL)

In general, Seifer is an all-around sleepy person - with good reason too, because he's narcoleptic. Despite the fact that he looks like he can't be bothered all the time (more often than not he's just trying to keep himself from dozing off), he's friendly and willing to talk or help most anyone. But he can have a nasty temper when provoked! However, in the middle of many of his tantrums (or actually, when he gets agitated or excited in any way), he tends to get extremely drowsy, and often falls asleep on the spot. Also, he isn't someone who talks about himself a lot, so he can come off as distant or secretive sometimes. He is an avid forager that loves pumpkins and mushrooms. But because of his wealthy upbringing, he’s kind of a gourmet and a picky eater. Also, he can't stand insects. Like, at all. :[ 

Due to his studious childhood, he's quite talented at magic and is a fairly quick learner, but lacks the ambition to get anywhere in life. Plus, being narcoleptic doesn't help matters much. He's taking life a day at a time, doing what pleases him.

History:  (also edited from PoP LOLLLLL)
Seifer is actually the second son of a wealthy family off the coast, though he won't ever talk about his roots unless he really, really trusts the person he is confiding in. His narcolepsy stems from his younger years, when his elitist family controlled every aspect of his life - though it was usually educational material that they forced on him. He developed insomnia first from studying night after night, then narcolepsy due to the fact that he had a super whacked up sleeping pattern for an extended period of time. (This really happens you guys LOL EXTENDED SLEEP DEPRIVATION IS NO JOKE get your sleep kiddos)

He ran away from home when he just couldn't stand it anymore, and had been wandering aimlessly from place to place doing odd jobs until he found Lucine Island. He had a great time at Lucine and really loved living there and meeting new people while it was undergoing revitalization, so much that when he got the letter in his mailbox from Mayor T, he impulsively decided to do it all over again someplace new. Carpe diem!

Additional Info: 
+ He is very pale. And because he's very pale he sunburns extremely easily LOL
+ He collects things he likes and puts them in glass jars. It's....less creepy than it sounds, I swear LOL;; It's also his preferred method of gift giving!
+ His favorite festival is the Harvest Festival! And he will always bring pumpkins or mushrooms. Always.
+ He reads really fast and can recall random facts to startling accuracy, but will almost always fall asleep right after (it stresses him out)
+ He has an elder brother and a little sister. So he's the middle child!
+ Extremely wary of going into caves or into the ocean past knee-height. He's had bad experiences before.
+ If you see him sleeping facedown on the road somewhere, please flip him over so he's not choking on dirt. He'll be infinitely grateful!

Roleplay Methods/Availability: Lit only please! Sorry about that but I really can' script....weeps........;; but yes! I prefer dA notes or gdocs unless we're friends. HOHOHO Feel free to hit me up all my lovely bromodachis :'9!!

Seifer © Me

edit: holy shit there were stray marks EVERYWHERE haha...ahaha..............;;;;;;;;; //quickly erases them all


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